Special Events

Special Events

Bible Study Sessions:
  Each Sunday,
     following the service.

Lenten Schedule 2017:  Repent - Turn to Jesus
      Mar 1 - Pastor Zittlow
           Repent: Turn to Jesus; Do Not Turn Away
                     Matthew 27:1-5

      Mar 8 - Pastor Meier
           Repent: Turn to Jesus and Not to Yourself
                     Luke 18:9-14

      Mar 15 - Pastor Albrecht
           Repent: Turn to Jesus When You Face Temptations
                     Mark 14:32-38 (Luke 22:45,46)

      Mar 22 - Pastor McKenzie
           Repent: Turn to Jesus; He Changes Your Life
                     Luke 7:44-50

      Mar 29 - Pastor Shinnick
           Repent: Turn to Jesus; He Longs to Forgive You
                     Luke 23:32-34

      Apr 5 - Pastor Frost
           Repent: Turn to Jesus; He Holds the Key to Heaven
                     Luke 23:35-43