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Recommended Reading
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Beside Quiet Waters

Daily Devotions for a Year
 By: Richard E. Lauersdorf

Life as we know it is flooded with troubles arising form sin.  As in his first daily devotional titled Together with Jesus, author Richard Lauersdorf writes to remind today's Christians that when life's storms threaten to overcome us, the Lord promises to lead us to find peace Beside Quiet Waters.  There he holds us close and conforts us in our sorrows.  Lauersdorf acknowledges.  "Yes, repeated sins, even new sins arise each day in my life, but his love is always there when I come crying in repentance to him.  When I bring my other tears to him, again he is there....His soothing touch wipes them all away."  These 366 short, daily devotions and prayers stive to renew your hope in Jesus and your joyful anticipation of the eternal day when every tear will be gone forever.

Connecting Sinai to Calvary
A Guide to the Old Testament
 By: John C. Jeske

This easy-to-understand guide to the Old Testament, from the creation story of Genesis through the prophecy of Malachi, will help you to make sense of the Old Testament words that God had written for the world to read.  Connecting Sinai to Calvary brings readers face-to-face with their ancient ancestors in faith.  It tells the story of God's chosen people, who workshiped the one true God and who also tested the patience of that same merciful God.  From its enlightening perspective, Connecting Sinai to Calvary shows today's readers that a loving God was intimately involved in the daily life of his Old Testament people.  But author John Jeske, a forceful writer who taught the Old Testament in a lively style for many years, also connects the dots between a remote mountaintop in Sinai and a lonely hill outside of Jerusalem.  Jeske leads readers to conclude that Jesus Christ is the central figure in the Old Testament.  Through this exposition of the Old Testament, you will come to a greater understanding of Jesus' own words:  "These are the Scriptures that testify about me."

John Jeske is a veteran of 20 years in parish ministry, followed by 25 years of teaching Old Testament at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Heirs Together of God's Gracious Gift of Life
 By: Richard Gurgel & Kathie Wendland

The Complete Book of Bible Promises
Encouragement for everyday life from the New Living Translation
 By: J. Stephan Lang

You have done many good things for me, LORD, just as you promised.
  PSALM 119:65

   Human promises are temporary, fragile, and often just downright meaningless.  But the promises of God, recorded in the Bible, are trustworthy, proven, and infallible.  No human difficulty--and no human being--is excluded from them.
   The Complete Book of Bible Promises is the most comprehensive Bible-promise book ever, gathering together for the first time the Bible's promises on every possible concern: from anger to worry; from fear, guilt, and loneliness to personal growth, spiritual power, and self-esteem.  Scripture verses are grouped into nearly 100 topics, with an alphabetical index to help you find what you're looking for.  Compiler J. Stephen Lang provides helpful comments to guide you through God's promises and help you apply them to your own situation.
   Open up The Complete Book of Bible Promises, and find out what God has promised you.